You can monitor your workplace 24 hours a day, receive real-time notifications, and ensure that your employees and environment comply with all rules. Divisor can also assist you in reducing risk and improving the effectiveness of your personnel.

The situation and violation’s data detected in the field are collected in the databases and presented on the reporting screens in periods such as hourly, daily and weekly, and it provides decision support data such as risky region, risky time and movement trend for strategic decisions.

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Sit Back and
Let us Be Your Eyes

People Counting​
Night Security
Smoking Detection
Working at Height Violation Detection
Unknown/Known Object Detection
Vehicle Speed Violation Detection
Social Distance Violation Detection
Area Violation Detection
Proximity Detection
Stacking Violation Detection
Motionless Person Object Detection
Disuse Handrails Detection
Vehicle / Human Interaction Density Detection
Personal Protective Equipment Detection
Line, Crowd Detection

PPE Violation Detection

Human Detection at Night

Working at Height Vioaltion Detection

Long-Term Motionless Object Detection

How diVisor Works

divisor flowcart diagram
Let us be your Eyes

Use your present camera setup to detect violations, monitor workforce performance and keep an eye on complience 24/7

Integration with Existing Camera Set

Divisor AI works as extension to existing camera deployments.
In a deployment environment where a camera system is already in place, the Divisor AI Box is being deployed side by side to the existing infrastructure.

No Extra Cost for Cameras
Deployment for Video Archive

Divisor can be used On-Premise or in the Cloud

You choose which option to utilize and we willll take care of the rest. However, for operational ease of use and proactive resource management capabilities, we recommend using the cloud.

No Extra Cost for Cameras
Deployment for Video Archive​


Receive real-time notifications on your phone in the event of a violation  or create custom notifications for the scenarios you need to monitor.

Real-Time Notifications
Custom Notifications


Your dashboards might include information about your personnel’s performance, violation type and frequency, or environmental awareness. You can choose which metrics matter most for your dashboards.

See Big Picture
Custom Dashboard

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